Expertise In Ecommerce Internet Cloud Computing System Migration

  • All "Open Source" Technologies: Perl, Apache, Linux, PHP, GCC etc.
  • Internet WWW Servers: Apache, Apache Modules, Tomcat & IIS
  • Online Credit Card Payment Transactions & Processing, both realtime and batch mode. (authorize.net, merchantaccount0, advantagepay,provantage verisign, payflow pro, cybersource)
  • DNS services and setup both NT and Unix/Linux based.  (Bind, Microsoft dns)
  • Hosting and Webmaster Services (Linux, Windows 2000)
  • Chat Server & Instant Messenger
  • SendMail Mail Server Systems Expertise.
  • Shopping Cart, and Online Catalog Technologies
  • Internet based Online Auction Technology
  • Affiliate programs
  • Ad Serving Technologies.
  • Search engine optimization, marketing, placement, fine tuning.
  • Email Newsletter Broadcast Technology.
  • Internet security, encryption and firewall technologies.

Application Development Services

  • Graphic Design and Page Layout: Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready.
  • Development Technologies: HTML, DHTML, Javascript.
  • Information Architecture: Cascading menu systems, Advanced site architecture/site maps. Focus groups.
  • Database Technologies: Sybase, Oracle, DB2, MySql, MS SqlServer, Btrieve, Informix/C-ISAM, MS Access.
  • Application Development: ASP, VbScript, Perl, Mod_Perl, Visual Basic, Korn Shell, Java, COBOL, C++, PHP, Javascript
  • Unix Systems Environments: Linux, HP/UX, AIX, Sun/Solaris, Dec/OSF, NCR UNIX.
  • Microsoft Environments: NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003
  • Legacy Environments: Mainframe, OS/MVS, CMS, TSO, WangVS, VAX/VMS, As400
  • High performance, high end systems development: to support millions of visitors or subscribers. Secure, robust, easy to use end user interfaces.
  • Conversions: Converting Legacy systems to internet/intranet based.

Locations We Provide Solutions & Service:

Our company provides solutions in the New Jersey, New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Central Jersey, North Jersey, South Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvannia, and Philadelphia Metro area.