Business Systems Integration & IT Consulting Services

Our Internet Solutions team will work with you to develop cost-effective business solutions with today's state-of-the-art Web Application Internet technologies. We can provide our clients with inception-to-completion web-based products and designs.

Our provider integration services include:

We recognize the importance of the Internet to our clients. Forward thinking businesses know the Internet is the medium of the future. Langtech can help your company utilize the Internet to its fullest potential. The Internet is a reliable, secure medium to communicate with customers, vendors, employees and partners. The profit potentials are enormous -- just think, your business could be open on a global scale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Web Design & Programming Services

  • HTML
  • Linux
  • PERL
  • Graphic Design
  • Open Source
  • UNIX
  • Apache
  • CGI
  • MS SQL Server
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • Visual Basic/VB.Net
  • Sybase
  • C/C++/C#
  • IIS
  • JAVA/.JSP/Tomcat

Planning and Specification Writing

Planning is the key to an effective web-based development project. Langtech will assist you in this critical phase. Our technical experts can help you develop technical specifications and plans for the integration of your existing applications, business plans, and search engine marketing efforts. Once your Internet / Intranet /Extranet is live, we can assist your staff with training and support.

Design and Development Services

We can provide technical analysis, system designs and specifications, content development, professional graphic designs necessary to make your site a memorable one. We offer two affordable web design approaches; An html templates method where by you select a template and you or our designers will customize it for you Or a traditional web design services approach where our designers will sit down with you, go over your goals and preferences and build a custom web site design for you. Your site can be designed for easy content management, allowing you to update your prices, rates and other information when necessary. We can even make your site disability accessible.

Your site can be designed for:

Database Driven Applications: Increase the functionality of your site with a database driven application. A database allows your employees, vendors and partners to access real-time information. Databases can support product and service catalogs, pricing schedules/rate tables that change often, real estate/property listings and corporate directory listings. We can also design and implement a complete online customer service solution so you can better serve your own clients' needs.

Online Marketing: A well designed web site designed by search engine experts provides a balance between search engine optimization and end user optimization. Dynamic or static websites benefit equally from optimzation services. We provide competitive analysis and reports on your current ranking and make recommendations for on page and off site optimization. A well designed, well programmed site optimized for ranking benefits you from a marketing perspective and benefits your customers by allowing them to easily find you on the web. Our SEO services include researching keywords, optimizing ecommerce product databases for search engine results and creating a link strategy for you. Banner Advertising Management Services and List Management Services are also available.

eCommerce: This feature can have your business making sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once customers have decided to make a purchase, they can do so securely and immediately with their credit cards. ECommerce solutions like advantagepay are ideal for increasing revenues and profits, developing untapped markets and maximizing your sales force potential.

  • Online Catalogs and Brochures: We can incorporate your current brochures, catalogs or annual reports into your website for potential customers/distributors to print.
  • Email: Take advantage of your domain name to promote increased communications. Customers can email questions, or internal employees can communicate with outside personnel to inform your partners of the latest products.

Internet Extranet Intranet

Does your company's internal communication system need updating? Then an Intranet solution may work for you. Through an Extranet, allow your sales force and partners access to internal systems, prices and stock. These efficient communication tools can lead to increased profits through increased knowledge.

Systems Security Experts

Systems security is a crucial function to all Internet/Intranet applications. A trusted system allows companies to determine who has access to what proprietary information, thereby providing end-to-end security. Langtech.Net can provide analysis and consultation to design a secure site. We can also assist you with the implementation and deployment of various firewall packages. Other areas of expertise in this field include public/private key encryption, digital certificates, and vulnerability assessments and recommendations. Our consultants can ensure that your site is a secure one.

Locations We Service:

We provide information technology consultants and consulting services to firms in the New Jersey, New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Central Jersey, North Jersey, South Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvannia, and Philadelphia Metro area.